Action Materials is one of the leading transport companies in the Northwest; offering on-site hauling, exporting materials, and hauling our products or from another source. Action Materials serves all of the Pacific Northwest - including Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana.

Action Materials offers a wide array of trucking options to meet your needs.  Our trucks are maintained regularly by our in-house mechanics to ensure they not only look nice, but operate safely and efficiently. We understand no job is exactly the same, we are able to provide the truck for the job. Continue reading for a snapshot of our trucks and what they can be used for.


Solo dump trucks can be used for retail and commercial deliveries of our products. They can also be rented hourly to haul off materials or import from outside sources. A solo dump truck will haul approximately 15 tons or 12 yards.


Super solos or “Super dumps” are commonly used for paving or chipsealing. Super solos haul more than a solo but less than a truck and pup. They can be a good alternative if your space is too small to fit a truck and pup, but you need a larger quantity. Supers will haul approximately 24 tons.


Trucks with a transfer trailer are most commonly used for larger quantities and limited space retail deliveries. Drivers will: 1) Disconnect the transfer box; 2) Dump the truck box; 3) Return to the transfer and slide it into the empty truck box; 4) Return to the dump site to empty the transfer box. Because of this, trucks with transfer trailers require less space to maneuver, but it does require a place to disconnect and leave the transfer box. Transfers will haul approximately 32 tons or 26 yards.


Trucks and pups are often used on larger job sites to haul in or off materials. Trucks and pups require a large area to turn around in and space to jackknife in order to dump the truck box. Truck and pups may also spread materials. A truck and pup will haul approximately 32 tons.


Side dumps are used for jobs which require dumping off the side of a road for quick and easy dumping. Side dumps can also haul larger rocks such as boulders, and are excellent for exporting debris such as concrete or asphalt. A side dump will haul approximately 30 tons.


  • Belt trailers are used to transport clean green, compost, and bark.
  • Walking floor trailers can haul clean green, compost, bark, and garbage or house demolition.


Lowboy/Landoll trailers are available to transport heavy freight. The low profile of lowboy trailers allows for us to transport tall equipment while still maintaining a legal load.

Please contact Matt Steinlage to inquire about lowboy availability and pricing.


Action Materials offers the use of the company’s water truck. The water truck can be rented for residential or commercial needs, and is an excellent option for dust control. The water truck can hold approximately 3,000 gallons!


End dumps are used for demolition haul-off. End dumps can haul house/building demo, trees/stumps, concrete, asphalt, and more. End dump quantity hauled will vary. End dumps have higher sides than a side dump, so they can carry a larger volume. However, the end dump trailer has a heavier tare weight than a side dump, so it may not haul a larger quantity of heavier products.