Tailings is a coarse bedding sand also called “select fill”. The coarse pieces are no bigger than pea gravel (approximately ⅜” size). This product works well for pipe bedding or foundation backfill. Other common uses include: horse arenas, swimming pool pads, leveling an area, or filling trenches. Tailings compact well and allow for good drainage.

If you are building up or backfilling an area deeper than 6 inches, see: Gravel Borrow

TAILINGS is located at Pit 1, Pit 2, Reardan Pit.
Price: $19 per Ton


Fine, washed “concrete” sand. This product is typically used for horse arenas, concrete mixtures, and for concrete pavers. C33 is less dusty than other sands, so is often used in sandboxes or play areas as well.

C33 SAND is located at Pit 2.
Price: $39 per Ton


Sandy loam is a finely screened sand that is excellent for laying sod. Sandy loam is most commonly used for laying sod, leveling an area, or to mix into planting soils. Sandy loam is also sold as a mixture with compost for extra nutrients. See: Sod Constructor (Turf Builder)

Please note, Pit 1 carries a larger quantity of sandy loam. Pit 2 will only load sandy loam in 5CY quantities or less.

SANDY LOAM is located at Pit 1, Pit 2.
Price: $36 per Cubic Yard


Top dressing sand is our finest screened sand. This sand is commonly used in golf courses. Top dressing sand can be used for volleyball sand or sandboxes.

TOP DRESSING SAND is located at Pit 1.
Price: Contact for pricing


Avista bedding sand is a pipe bedding sand approved by Avista. If you are not needing to meet Avista spec, see: Tailings

AVISTA BEDDING SAND is located at Pit 1.
Price: Contact for pricing


Winter maintenance sand is used for maintaining winter roads. Winter sand meets WSDOT specs and can be used in place of salt for ice control.

WINTER MAINTENANCE SAND is located at Pit 2.
Price: Contact for pricing