Basalt Boulders


Premium BARR-TECH Compost and native sand blended for seeding grass, planting beds and establishing vegetation. This blend of BARR-TECH Compost and Native Sand is free draining and will encourage deep root growth. BARR-TECH Soil has plenty of organic material, is easy to work with and of course it is affordably priced.

Landscape Bark

Landscape bark is used as a landscape bedding mulch and weed suppressant and is available in different sizes, colors, and styles.  Options include medium shred (a course material), fresh fines (a smaller particle size with a light red/brown color), or dark fines (a small particle size with a deep brown color).

Basalt Chip

Basalt chip is a crushed and washed basalt rock.  Chip rock differs from ‘minus’ or ‘crushed’ basalt in that it is washed during the screening process, freeing the material of small particles and fines.  This product is used for landscape mulch/bedding, or for drainage applications.  It is typically not used for road bed or driveway material, as it does not compact well.  Basalt chip is available in multiple sizes, including ½”, ¾”, 1.5”, and 2.5”.

C33 Sand

C33 is a finer sand than bedding sand.  It is also washed, making it is less dusty than other sands.  This product is typically used for concrete admixtures, as well as some horse arena applications.

River Rock

1-1/2 ” to 2-1/2" round river rock is made from granite.  Though made and sized the same way as round basalt rock, this material is typically used for aesthetic purposes, such as landscape and bedding mulch.

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